Multiple domains to one ip to multiple sites on the server.


I have just gotten 2 free domain names that point to my (PPPoE and therefore non-static) ip address. I would like one to point to my ftp and webserver while the other points to the hotline server I am running. Any suggestions on how to configure this?

BTW I think I can specify the port on the address in the
Hotline server but I need help with the FTP and Apache. I just have to configure the script that updates the ip to the domain so that it adds the port number to the end and set the port number in Hotline Server.

The main issue is getting the hotline domain to only connect ot the hotline server and not the web/FTP server and vice versa.

Thanks again,
I don't think you need to worry about the ports. ftp defaults to 21 and http (apache) defaults to 80. you can change apache in the httpd.conf file if you want to. But why?