Multiple IP Address in Mac OSX


OK guys, this one has me totally frazzled. Here it goes. I am using an iMac as a test station. It has 384Mb Ram/40Gb HD. Mac OSX 10.1 My goal is to use WebStar V and Multiple/Virtual hosts. I have downloaded from Apple the knowledgebase article on how to add Multiple IP addresses to a single Port (IE My single ethernet port in my iMac). It does not work. I have used the little terminal script for doing it, that does work. Except after you restart it, it goes away. I am at witts end. PLEASE HELP.
You should consider using Virtual Hosts in apache. I have a machine running three or four sites. The DNS names for each of them resolve to the same IP address. Apache directs them to the correct root based on the name entered in the browser. No need to run multiple IP addresses at all.