Music Cd's Will Not Play


All of a sudden we cannot seem to play music CD's on our iMac. An error message comes up saying that the disk does not have any volumes that the Mac recognises.

We have recently upgraded the mac to have OS X operating system and also installed iPod software on the machine but the CD's were playing fine at first. We logged on one day and the playlist had disappeared from iTunes and the error message came up when inserting music CD's.

We located the playlist and put it back into iTunes which has been fine since.

We have downloaded the latest vesion of iTunes and all the settings in iTunes appear to be correct with regards to recognising CD's and what actions the mac should take when you put in an Audio CD.

The CD player is working fine with non-Audio CD's also.

What on earth is going on and how irritating that we cannot download our CD collection to our iPod!


I'm also having this problem, and it is soooo frustrating. Have you fixed it yet? Does anyone else know how to?