Music gone in newest iTunes


Erlier today I updated to the latest vestion of iTunes and iPod software through software update. It went through the download process just fine and I "quit" after the install. I was working on a huge Photoshop file and between moves launched iTunes. iTunes wouldn't start up so I "force quit" and relaunched. I kept working in the PS file and forgot about iTunes trying to launch. Eventually the licence window for iTunes came up and I clicked "agree". When the iTunes window loaded there was no music in my iTunes. No playlists, etc. I quit out of itunes and relaunched. Same thing. I did a search for my music and found it at:

Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/

There is a folder in iTunes that is called "previous itunes libraries" with 3 files inside:

iTunes 3 Music Library
iTunes 4 Music Library
iTunes 4 Music Library (Old)

Also there are several iTunes Export files, Temp files, 1 iTunes library file and and iTunes Music library.xml file in the iTunes folder.

Not sure if it matters but I have not restarted my PB. Can someone help me link my new iTunes to my old library?

One last thing. The iPod updater program never launched so I never loaded the new software to my iPod. I updated the iPod before I tried the updates this morning so everything is cool there. Should I watch out for anything after I fix the iTunes problem and connect my iPod? Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


Goto Prefences, click "advance" and make sure the direction to your iTunes is selected in the iTunes folder


All the playlists inside iTunes and the whole organization of your music in iTunes are store in the file ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music Library.xml. If you open that file even if you don't know so much about xml you can see something similar to the structure of your playlists inside that file.

When that file result damage or removed from the original location iTunes creates a new one (in blank) but that doesn't means that your music has been lost.

If you can not recover that file the worst thing is that you will have to re-create again all your playlist and drag all your music to the iTunes library. By default your music is located at ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music.


Do I drag the music folder, individual folders or individual songs to the library window? I don't want to make a mistake. Can I use my iPod to override the iTunes software like a Palm pilot. My iPod was backed up prior to the software update.