Music player in 1.0


Simply Daemonic
As far as I have been told there is no music player any more in OS X 1.0 (pity! apple.. YOU SCREWED UP!), supposedly it will be replaced with iTunes.

I was wondering, has anyone copied over Music into 1.0 from the PB ? does ti work ?

Dunno, but I downloaded iTunes from Apple, nice upgrade from my Soundjam MP that I was using under 9.1

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Apple had a decision to make: should they have two applications that do the nearly the same thing?

The CD app, while pretty and small, could only play CDs and MP3s. It could not do a CD title search, could not stream audio, could not burn CDs, and didn't have the Visualizer.

While I don't care for the iTunes interface as much, it's a much more robust application and does all the CD app did and more.

what would you have done in their place?