10 print "I am an eDJ"
20 print "I learned AppleSoft BASIC on and apple IIgs"
30 goto 10
40 print "this will never print"
started with QBasic
the went to C
learned C++
A bit Java (+-script)
learned HTML
Some perl
A little bit basic

But mainly C++

#include <iostream.h>

cout >> "I love C++! What about Basic?";
return 0;
}:D //Think the smilie causes an error:confused: :p
C.... bah!

public static void mail (Strings [] argv ]{
printf(" I.... HATE.... C !!! DIE C DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!");
Printf(" :) --> sthis smilies causes no errors ");

loooool :p
Look at the system you sit right infront of! Its made with C++! (OS X) Not your stupid BASIC! BASIC may be a lot! easier, but if you want to program something usefull.........go for C++ (C sucks!) But I like BASIC. You can easaly programm apps! But C++ Apps are more powerfull!:eek: Cool down man!:D :p

Oh, yeah..... its main not mail!
Now _that_ was a language. Elegant syntax, strong typing, la la la...

Any decent free Pascal compilers out there?
all tha mallocs and *a = &ab and all that bull :p
I know how memory works, no need to shove it down my throat :p