My 21" Graphite Apple Studio Display Won't Wake Up

penny bannon

My 21" Graphite Apple Studio Display, CRT, connected to G4 867mb. Quicksilver, blanked out when the computer went to sleep.
Now it won't show picture.
I wasn't there when it happened, my son was using the computer and went to make coffee, so no-one saw if anything significant happened when the monitor went blank.
Connected old monitor to computer, works OK, so it's not a display card problem.

Start up computer, amber light on monitor turns green. Nothing happens on screen. Shut down computer, green light turns amber.

QI. How to I shut down properly when I can't see screen?
Q2. Is the monitor likely to be dead, or is it fix able. Guy at nearest repair shop just said 'no one bothers with those old monitors any more"

Q3 I downloaded a manual from
for 21" colour dispaly. But in the instructions for taking apart the monitor the illustrations look like my 17" AppleVision monitor.
Can I find a manual with instructions for the 21" Studio Display?

thank you
I am trying to remember, if the monitor has buttons on it to change the contrast etc? Do you have the availability of trying the monitor on another computer ?
My guess is the instructions are similar for 17 or 21 inch.
My 21" Studio Display just recently died. I bought it in Jan 2000.

Did the picture look like it was vibrating, or twitching? Mine was doing that for a while before it stopped working.

Though mine died spectacularly - nice high pitched whining noise, then smoke coming out of the top. It does the same thing if I hook it up that yours does - the green light will come on, but no picture.