My account kinda got deleted, but all the files are still there.


when i log in to my account, same password as before, it takes me to a new screen, like a brand new account, defualt background, no pictures, no music. when i got to my user folder, my original account folder is there nothing hase changed to it, all my files are still there and i still have the same ammount of space left on my HD.

so basiclly...

i only have one avaible log in name, which takes me to a new user account, where i can few my old account (because i changed the house thingy to a different picture a long time ago.)

i think the problem is that the other day i clicked on my "house" folder, the one with the house icon, and i changed the name of it, all i did was capitalize things and then put a space between the words that were already there.

should i just move all my old files over to this new account or should i try and recover my old account.

They should make the little house folder totally immutable so that people would not screw it up this way. If you can try to change the name of the new folder to anything else and then rename the old folder to what it was originally. It has to have the same name as your short name (Unless you change things in NetInfo and still stuff will break).

Then log out and back in and you should be OK.

If that doesn't work let me know and I can give you the guaranteed terminal instructions.