My Airport Card Doesn't Connect to Internet


I have configured my Airport card to connect to the Linksys DSL router we have at home.
Linksys is configured with Key2 WEP 128bit password. When I try to enter the KEY2 passowrd, which works fine with my PC laptop, Airport fails to connect. However, keying in the KEY1 password, it works and connect to the wirelss access point (linksys) but it fails to connect to the Internet.
Using DHCP, it assigns itself an internal IP ( I tired to force it to use the proper IP by configuring it with Manaul TCP/IP, the network conneciton works, but still fails to connect to the internet. Using the Network Diagnostic tool, the first three tests secceed (Airpot, Airport settings & Network conneciton), ISP keeps fluctuating between green and red, and Internet and server fails.