My baby is for sale...


cocoa love
Well it's been a real thriller with this computer but i need a new iBook.
This is a:
400 Mhz Marble White iMac
Backside 512 L2 Cache
128 Mb Ram
OS X 10.1(5F24) /OS 9.0.4 (on CD's)
Quake 3
RCA Digital Camera CDS1005 (Works for OS (but not for OS X not yet at least)
Sony Firewire CD-RW (12x8x32x)(Works with OS X)
Printer (Deskjet 812C)
i might throw in a killer sound system (Altec Lansing Surround Sound)
I also have Jurassic Park 3
Planet of the Apes
a whole lot of other videos... (2 full Simpsons Halloween Episodes etc)

I can asure you it is in great condition and has been taken care of very well. I am Posting a screenshot of my screen cuz my Digital Camera doesnt work with OS X, and to show you what my 10.1 looks like. Someone make me an offer, If you can go for $800 it's yours. Come pick it up if ur close enough, or I'll drive half way if i have to.

Heres the Screenshot:


Will you trade for a performa 6220CD and $8.00? It's got on OPTICAL DRIVE!

Anyway, im sure you're quite preturbed now that i excitied you by making you think that you had a buyer. Anyway, i;ll be following this thread, we have almost the exact same setup, right down to the speakers, software, ect. I think you could get more, try eBay, there's a lot of idiots on there.
What are the specs on the camera?


Are you throwing in the Quake CD / box?
Sorry we already got rid of it, it had a regular CD-ROM with an external CD-RW, thanks for the interest though

It's an Ibook 500 Dual USB with dvd rpo mouse and 384 mb ram... 1200$ and i am willing to put a free printer on it