My Carracho no longer registers w/Trackers


I noticed this evening that my Carracho server no longer seems to be registering with the Carracho servers as it has been up to this point. I suspect that the 10.1 Security Update has something to do with it. Here's the rundown on how it's set up:
I'm now running 10.1 (5L14 build)

I'm also using the client which analyzes my current IP address and sends it along to the server to flag the name for worldwide users. It apparently is working fine, as it registers the IP address successfully.

When I start the Carracho client, I can log on to my server using the bookmark I've saved, so I know that the people are broadcasting the IP address over the net. However, when I open the tracker window in Carracho and type in "house" (which as always worked before), my server never shows up!! :mad:

I've not changed any of my preferences in Carracho for months, so I can't imagine what is happening to keep my server from sending the info along to the various trackers that I have set up. I can tell, as I said above, that the is working, because if it were the culprit, then my login via the saved bookmark would result in a dialogue box stating that the name couldn't be resolved or that the server is probably down...

Has anyone else noticed this rather sudden and impolite turn of events? If so, what can I do to bypass whatever the system is doing to prevent Carracho from communicating with the tracker sites? Am I even on the right track, or am I just being paranoid? I want new people to be able to access my server and share in the Carracho community, but as it stands now, the only people able to access the server are those who already have accounts or know how to bookmark the site...

Thanks in advance for any feedback!!