My cd drive doesnt work...


Hey... I wanted to install the dev tools cd (yes, it is apple branded and all that... I didn't burn it) but when I stuck it in the drive (it's a superdrive) i could hear it whirring softly and doing something but it never showed up in the Finder (I'm using OS X). I can read other cd's just fine. This cd also works find in other computers. In fact, I ended up installing it by putting it in my laptop and mounting it over the network. Any ideas? Restarting makes no difference. Oh yes... does anyone know of a good terminal-based IRC client? I would use Xel's port of BitchX but the site is down...



Everytime I insert a CD, floppy,zip, or mount a file the computer says it can't read it and asks me if I want to initialize it.:mad: Stuff like that will work fine in 9.2. Help:confused:


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Fortunately, I was able to resolve my problem by dipping my cd under the faucet and running water on its face for a few seconds then gently wiping along the radii with a tissue. I wish I knew what to say... Sounds to me like a driver problem. Are you using a 3rd party cd drive/whatever? If not, the only thing I can think of is to reinstall... sorry.