My Classic blows (my Cube's doors off)


I realize we're in Beta here, but running 9.04 with X on the same drive (even if 9 is the startup) seems to cause sor t of a pau se in re draw in some applications and makkkkkkes my key board go funny (The "o" key all of the sudden turned into the "a" key for two restarts, then went back to normal).

It seems possible that "Classic" could be a phreak for a "Back to the Future" kind of experience--back to the simple, dirty ROM days of October 1990, when the 8 MHz "Classic" was the cat's meow.

Because in 2000, with a 9.04/OS X Cube 20G/768M, XPress and most other apps seem to take a new peek at your documents every 2 seconds, just in case you do something crazy--like change them. Since those days there always has been spot in my heart for the 20 minute redraw--dark as it was.

Maybe the Cube, instead of being part of the solution, is part of the problem. I have neither the courage, nor the intestinal fortitude to 9/X (NineX?) any other machine in the house, given the current scenario (though a 7.1 equipt cx with a blistering 32MB (with Mode32, of course) is warming up in the bull pen just waiting to topple its cheaper replacement).

My Blue & White is off the S%&t list at last!

Talk me off the ledge, please!