My Combo Drive Will Not Recognize Blank Cd-rs


I have a 1.33 ghz power book with osx version 10.3.9, I was trying to install some software and I was missing one of the cds, so I cancelled the installation, this happened with several programs, which I thought I had the cd for, but didn't. Now my cd drive will not recognize blank cd-rs. It will recognize cd's with information on them, dvd's and anything else, except blank cd-r's. Everytime I put one in the drive spins for maybe 15 to 30 secs then I have to use drutil tray eject in Terminal. I do not know any command line except for that, but that was pretty cool when it worked....hehe. I don't know enough about the Terminal commands to see if the drive is recognizing the cd but the CD icon is't popping up on the desktop like it used to. The options in the system prefs are set to the same as they used to be, so I don't know any other way to reverse this problem. Thanks for your time! This is a f@6&i#^% awesome site.
I wouldn't be surprised if your CD/DVD prefpane had reset
its default to "do nothing." Happens a lot when an optical
drive operation is interrrupted.
yea, when I reviewed other threads trying to figure this problem out I thought my prefs might be the problem, but my prefs are set to: "ask what to do"...