My computer thinks in hebrew ?!?!?!


Simply Daemonic
I diskwarriored my powerbook yesterday.
Since I've been having problems with my dear old friend, Kernal Panic, when I boot up from the diskwarrior CD, I booted up my powerbook in target disk mode and used my girlfriend's iBook as the computer to run disk warrior.

Now I am experiecing weirdness!
Entourage strated showing weird consonant clusters where "name", "to", "account" are supposed to show.

iTunes thinks in Hebrew, and when I search the music store, all things come out in gibberish hebrew.

Firefox thinks in hebrew too!

Not to mention that while in safari, things don't work! for example clicking on the smileys to add a smiley to the post, doesnt work, and on other bulletin board I experience the same weirdness. In firefox all works, except that it's in hebrew

While I am certain that this hebrew is gibberish (i.e. not real words - just hebrew letters stringed together). what the heck is going on? :huh:



Mac of the SubGenius! :-)
Time to call Charlton Heston??? ::ha::

Unless someone knows of some options to bring your PowerBook back to the English speaking world, I think you might have to do an Archive and Install.

Hopefully someone has better options than I've given...