my external drive is gone now


Hello mac vets!
First time poster and yes I used the "search" first and almost found it but not quite.
My problem is this:
Runner tiger 10.4 I was trying to make my firewire external drive need a password for access.
I only have 1 account (admin) created. I went to "get info" for the drive and started messing with the permissions settings and now it doesn't show up on my desktop anymore.

The odd thing is that it's still mounted according to "about this mac".

Also it shows up when i reboot in classic but that does me little good except to copy the files if needed. Since classic didn't use permissions it is impossible to change them from there.

I found something close in previous posts and TOM seemed like a great help but in the end the guy just ended up erasing and refomatting etc..

I was also thinking it might show up if I made a guest acct. but then again I can't recall if I set everything to "no access" or not.

Thanks in advance.