My first computer


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The first one I bought anyway. I commandeered my sister's VIC-20 before it.

Hey, it's pre OS9
Even the Apple IIe had sound input capability. My TiBook doesn't though. :( Bummer.

Not really, they came out at about the same time. The 128 was the culmination of Commodore's 8-bit architecture going back to the PET 2001, and the Amiga was a 68000 based 16/32 bit machine.
I used to drive my sister nuts by putting my Paratrooper cassette from my Vic 20 into her tape player.

Next I got a Smith - Corona PC with DOS and played Liesure Suit Larry until the cows came home.
The Apple IIe (at least some models of it) had a 1/8" mini-plug in the back for plugging in sound either from a mic or a walkman or whatever. I don't remember if it was for line-level or powered input.

Anyway, you could sample it at some data address. Something funny kinda like the way you'd PEEK at a memory address to make the speaker tick.