my G4 (sawtooth) doesn't accept 133pcRAM!?


Saiyan Member
I have one ram slot left and I wanted to make it count. So I got a 256 card from my dealer for $20. Unfortunetly we cannot figure out why it's not accepting the ram. All of my other ram is 100pc ~type memory, but according to apple it should work in my (400mhz AGP) G4. In all that would give me a nice number of 512 in my computer, and I need it.

So does anyone know why its not working? Or is there still older ram available? (for as cheep as I got mine, or cheeper!)

Apple desided to upgrade the firmware on most newer systems so that any RAM that could cause crashing would not be recognized by the system. Apple usually take the blame for for all the problems on a system even if the system is fine other than a poor quality third party part, this is Apple's way of solving that problem. To check to see if that is way the RAM is not being used, you can use an app call DIMM First Aid. If it doesn't see the DIMM, then you may not have install it correctly, if it does see it it may tell you that it is not compatible with the new firmware requirements.

For work I keep a 64 MB DIMM (a PC 100 DIMM supplied by Apple) with me that I know is in good working order to check to see if continuous system crashes are due to poor quality DIMMs (I usually remove all other DIMMs and use only mine, and then test the system to see if the crashing continues).

To start, the best type of RAM you can get (according to my own experience) is Kingston RAMs ... They never fail, they work smoothly even when using 66 and 100 RAMs. My G4 runs smoothly, all 133 RAM and my iMac ran for a while using 64Mb PC-66 and 128Mb PC-100. It worked fine althought my Mac did have the bad habit of crashing every now and then (just freezing at a random time).

Probably my fault for using different RAMs :D Anywayz, you might want to remove the PC-100 RAM module and test the PC-133. If it works, just buy an extra 128 PC-133! Your Mac will work a "little" bit faster :D RAM is aoutrageously cheap anyway these days ;) Well, at least in Belgium it is ...

PC-133 SDRAM will downgrade itself to 100MHz because of the bus but it will work. Though like others said, it could be a poor module. I recommend They haven't given me problems and I have the same model as you so try them out they are cheap too.
I normally use only PC133 ram in all my G4's including the 400's. It may be cheap enough ram that it soenst meet spec. I normally buy all mine from even their cheap stuff is better than a lot of high dollar stuff. HTH.
I was recentll pointed to and the had some super cheap prices like a 512MB SODIMM for my PB for only $88.00. Ginkies that's cheap!

I have not personally bought any YET :D , but I have a Sun_Admin friend who has purchased copious amount of RAM from these folk for various Sun boxes and have not had any problems.