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Well I really hoped the ideas you had would work because they were great. First unpluging and repluging my 30 gig hard drive which knowing macintosh should have worked but it didn't. The second post about HFS verses HFS+ I am still working on. I found out I can get it to load in os 9 and when I get info it says its formatted "extended". is this the same as HFS+? if its not, is there any way to make it so without loosing data? I guess thats a silly question but I would sure like to keep my 10 gigs of mp3s. How would I go about formatting it HFS+? is there a way to do that in osX? Maybe it has nothing to do with formatting so let me tell you once again my problem. my external 30 gig USB hard drive is visible in system profiler but it doesn't show up on the desktop when I swiched to osX. Thank you all for your time and know that I am not just running to you as soon as I have a problem, I have put probably 5 hours into this so any leads at all are really appreciated.
I emailed Club Mac from whom I bought my hard drive and they sent a prompt and polite reply:


     Radialogic was bought out by Apple Computer, so you will not be able to find any support from Radialogic.  The USB Hard Drives work just fine when using the classic Mac OS, up thru OS 9.2.1.  Unfortunately at this point in time there is no OS X support for USB Hard Drives.  It seems Firewire Hard Drives are supported with Apple's native firewire drivers under OS X, but USB Hard Drives are still not supported with Apple's native usb drivers.  If and when this will ever change is anyone's guess?  Hopefully as more and more updates to OS X become available, so will support for more peripherals be included, such as the USB Hard Drives.

Thank you for your email.  If you have any further questions, please reply back to this email. Please be sure to include the entire body of the email when replying back.

Thank you,

So I thought "well fine, I guess I'm stuck." then I went to the apple support page at backup solutions and at this link it says that usb is supported.

Which am I to believe? how can I get my hard drive to work? AHHG THE ATMOSHPERE!!!