My Ibook G4

Buckwheat Inga

Okay, I have an iBook G4 and I bought it used (supposedly "excellent condition"). Anyway, it is less than a couple of months since I bought it, and now it constantly freezes up. I have done everything I could think of. I have re-installed the disks, run diagnostics, taken this thing apart and put it back together. the only thing I haven't done yet is re-install OSX. Is there someone out there who can help me? Please make it simple, I'm not that smart.

Buckwheat Inga


Mac of the SubGenius! :-)
Have you repaired permissions and run fsck on it through single-user mode (Apple-S after the Mac startup chime and then "/sbin/fsck -yf" at the command prompt)?

How about zapping the PRAM (Apple-Option-P-R)?

Try any of those and see if it works for you.