My iMac can't read it's hard drive :mad:


Help My iMac can't read it's hard drive! :( I have zapped the PRAM and I have booted from a CD. But when the CD boots it asks me to inatlize the hard drive.:confused:

I have important files on it and they can't be deleted. :(

if you boot from your os 9.x install cd, try seeing if you can just update the hard disk driver in drive setup. that *may* work, if you are lucky. a bootable diskwarrior cd might help too, if you have one.

as for your files, if they are *that* important, you should be keeping a backup copy, cdr.
I had been having trouble with the hard drive two days ago so I fsck ed it. Then I tryed to boot OS 9 and I didn't like the hard drive. I think it is possible when OS X 10.1 fsck ed it it mad the drive only readible to Mac OS X. I naver had this problem with OS X 10.0.x I think it is an OS X 10.1 problem.

I will use your idea as a last resort. Though I will not do anything untill the folks at apple get back to me.

Moast the important files are on cds though some aren't
Glad you're drive is up and running again....

I'd not be so quick to blame Apple and 10.1 though...I've not seen anyone else report that problem (and I frequent the macfixit forums too) is probably just one of those isolated incidents that happens from time to time...