My iTunes2 impressions so far


So far, this thing looks awesome. I'm not a big audiophile like most of my friends, so the equalizer missing from iTunes I never missed, but with iTunes2, it has 22 presets in the drop down menu (pop, acoustic, jazz, etc.) or you can adjust them manually. I had a report that the equalizer didn't work properly for CDs in Mac OS 9 (worked for mp3s) but under X.1 it works with CDs and Mp3s.

There's also a decibel slider in the equalizer window.

Install required a restart :( But it did optimize the system after installing. Installing is quick, but optimization takes a few minutes.

Icon is slightly different - blue note on the CD instead of pink.

I haven't seen a CD burned with it yet. Will report back if I do.
I've now seen an iTunes2 burning session in action. One CD in mp3 format. 175 songs, 11:30:09 total time, 689.7MB. Took 14 minutes to burn (including preparation). It got rid of the folder structure and burned everything out of folders - this is necessary for playback on newer stereo systems that recognize the format, but just reporting it as a warning.