My "little changes" wishlist


Scratch & Sniff Committee
Hello all,
I am running OS 10.1 on a new iBook Combo-Drive, and I am really pleased with the upgrade. There are a couple of minor changes I would like to see on the next update, though:

In the Internet Connect top-bar thing: Can we have an option for "show connect time" like that in OS 9? And can you make the icon a little more self-explanatory, since when I'm offline it shows a raised handset with grey dots, and online it shows the same handset with black dots. Not very easy to see the difference!
Also, I'd like an easy way to switch locations: I dial up from three different area codes, sometimes through an office line, and would like to be able to switch setups quickly.

Also, while you have included an option to ask for password in the screensaver, you don't have an option for asking the password after a sleep! I've gotten around this by starting the screensaver before I put my laptop to sleep, but this is an annoyance!

All up, though, thankyou for a fantastic OS! Bravo!
Why in the world would you want to protect a computer from waking up from sleep, and how do you propose that be done?
First of all, you cannot enter passwords in Sleep, obviously. So your computer would have to wake up just to offer the password screen, right? So what is the point?
Maybe you could just log out and then shut the laptop. That way whenever someone opens it, the have to log in ... ??? This request seems very wierd to me.