My Mac Interface has stuffed up PLEASE HELP!


When i go to mac desktop and select one of mu folders this black square goes around it and also when i click the apple logo on the left top hand corner of the screen this is what comes up:

About this mac
Softawre Update
Mac OSX Software...
System Preferences
Dock Location
Recent items
(It is all normal up to here)
Force quit...
Force Quit Finder
Shut Down...
Shut Down
Log off John Smith...
Log off John Smith

Notice there is double items in the dock, how can i reset it to defaults and about this little black box that comes up... how can i get rid of it, it's this little black square that randomly pops up and when I highlight folders...
Sounds like something from the Accessibility preference pane is active. I've heard about it. I guess you've accidentally activated it through its keyboard shortcut. Don't remember which it is... :/
Black Square:
01. Locate and select 'System Preferences'* 'Universal Access' Utility.
02. In the 'Zoom' panel click on the 'Options...' button. A drop down sheet will appear.
03. Locate and click on the 'Show preview rectangle when zoomed out.' check box, to remove the check mark; and, then click on the 'Done' Button.
04. Quit 'System Preferences'.

* - 'System Preferences' can be accessed via the 'Apple, System Preferences...' menu item, the 'System Preferences' 'Dock' icon (if not already removed), or - from within the '/Applications/' folder.

Extra Menu items:
The non Apple provided menu items ...

Force Quit Finder
Shut Down
Log off John Smith

(notice the missing '...'s, which means the action will take effect immediately) ... may be the result of a third party utility. Do you have 'FruitMenu' installed? if so, it is only through its interface that the above, or some of Apple's, menu items can be removed.