My machines won't sleep...


Hey all,

I recently installed OSX and love it, despite all of its beta-related quirks. There is one thing that really bug me, however. On my iMac at home (266 w/ 192MB RAM), my G4 at work, and another dual proc 450, I can't for the life of me get the machine to go to sleep. Anyone have some insight into this issue? Thanks in advance.

I certainly remember Steve Jobs doing it on a powerbook , stating that OSX only takes 1 second to wake from sleep. Also, my buddies' G4s and iMacs go to sleep and wake up flawlessly. I just can't get my machines to behave :(
Hi Guys,
Neither of my machines will go to sleep when they're forced to... but when 30 minutes goes by (the time I have set), they both go to sleep with no problem.

- Kevin Newman

G3 300 UW SCSI
4 Gig
192 RAM

G3 233 Bondi Blue iMac
4 Gig
96 RAM
My machine won't sleep after it's 30 minute time frame or when I tell it to. The monitor will eventuall sleep but both hard disks just keep spinning. I would like to see a one second recovery from sleep mode but I don't know if I can get the machine to sleep in the first place.

Any thought/tips appreciated.
Some more data for the crew:

Both my iBook SE ("old" one) and my Bronze PowerBook sleep well and wake fast! Sleep works using either the Sleep command or just shutting the lid.

The Sleep command, however, does not work on my iMac SE, 3rd Rev.

Hello every one !

As of now, Apple has only implemented the sleep function on portable machines (PowerBooks and iBooks), not on desktop machines. So this why it works for Doffie's iBook SE and Bronze PowerBook but not her iMac SE, for instance.

It certainly will be implemented in the final version (or an interim version in between) : it's too important !

[Corrected Doffie's gender reference, see post below ;~) ("her iMac SE" was originally "his iMac SE" ]

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Thanks for that info, Pascal; its not being implemented for desktop Macs wasn't made clear in any of the gazillion Apple docs I've read.

BTW, just for the record, Doffie is female. (No prob though, as nothing about the name clearly indicates gender). ;^)