My OS X top X list:


mach-o mach-o man
Top X signes you've been using X too much...

X) You've learned C programming accidently.
9) You find your self typing 'locate' in the air when you can't find your keys.
8) You've spent hours looking for those 'dll' files that Steve Jobs mentioned accidently in his keynote address.
7) You have watched the movie "Antitrust" (which sports macintosh keyboards and a tcsh shell prompt) exactly 1541.796 times (maximum possable assuming 108 minute play time and 5 minutes to rewind) since midnight, March 24, 2001
6) After hauling your iBook down to the local tattoo place, you are disapointed that, in order to have that bit aqua "X" tattooed on your chest, you must first shave it.
5) You now realize that it *does* help to stand on one foot chanting "Steve Jobs is the man" while installing Mac OS X on computers with unsupported hardware
4) You wished there was a man page for, so just for fun you wrote one.
3) Not only has a non-case-sensitive file system made you lazy on your computer, but you now prefer to write your name in all lower case on job applications and such. Not to be confused with the large capital "X" scrolled on the wall in the bathroom...
2) You have created a small paradox trying to figure out *exactly* what the GIMP stands for, and therefore can no longer slide on your belly with yellow diving fins attached to your feet screaming "Tux Racer rules!"
1) You have added funny colored balls to the tops of all the windows in your house, and can't understand why the neighborhood marches back and forth in fount of your house with signs like "Stop port scanning our computers" and "Is your house glowing blue from radiation or your 42 inch flatscreen?" and "Why does your cat eat my files".....

Post your own top x lists. This could be a great thread.
- when you use an OS 9 machine you get really pissed when you cant do stuff while an app loads, so you hit the force quit keys, and then you're hooped!
Whenever you see a clock stating 10:0x you automatically think of your version of OS X...

I state this from experience... I think I need help...:D :D :D
Now that you have OS X, you start wondering if you would be compatible with your X wife.

I know, I know, it's a 10.

Quark"X"Press LOL

"No, idiot, it's 1000, not XXX"

"Wow, I can't believe how similar Windows XOXO is to Mac OS XXX"
XXX is 30 in Roman Numerals :p

As for MacOS XXX and Windows XOXO I can only imagine the ads and counter ads....

"MacOS XXX...It's the Hardcore system that never fails!"
"MacOS XXX...because XOXO is for sissies" ha ha ha ha ha :p

If we had Mac OS XXX then we'd problably have WinXXXP

They'll come up with some crude comeback, like,"it stands for extra extra experience"
One thing is for sure, Mac OS XXX beats windows in safe mode... hehe, ok, I've got a pretty silly sence of humor... hehe..... ignore me for a while while my mind pokes fun at my posts...

I really might be crazy.....

Glad so many people read my post, though. Thanks.