My PB crashes on wake from sleep!


My PB crashes on wake from sleep. It was fine when I run Jaguar. When I updated to Panther, that is when this started to happen. This also happen in Tiger. This is a random thing, but happens quite often. I have tried resseting PMU, PRam, I did repair permissiona and run FSCK and nothing has helped.
I read some where, that someone had Kernel Panics that where most often caused by Hardware or bluethooth problem.(in his case)
I run Hardware test and everything is fine.
After thinking for awhile, it has got to me that under Panther I did firmware upgarde to my Bluethooth build-in adapter, could that couse my kernel panics on wake. I have turned off bluetooth for now and it is 3 days (about 7-8 sleep-wake modes) and my PB is still running.
If YES, then would firmware rest helpm and how do I do that?