My problem w/ Mac OS X


Hello. My names Ty, I am 15 and I have a question:

I need these two programs - or ones like them - avalible for Mac OS X or upgrading is not worth it for me:

Adobe Pagemill (For editing my website)
Adobe Photoshop 5 (For images on my website)

Can I run both of these programs - or ones like them - on Mac OS X?

PS- I know I can use these programs on classic mode, but why get Mac OS X then spend all my time on classic mode emulating Mac OS 9? Realize, I use my mac for one thing: editing my website. But, at the same time I want the benefits of Mac OS X such as protected memory and multi-tasking. Thanks guys!
There will be a Carbonated Photoshop 6 when Adobe gets around to it, but Pagemill is no longer being developed on any platform, so that's not coming.
if you need a wysiwyg editor, they'll have to operate in the Classic (Mac OS 9) environment until developers carbonize their programs. I know that Macromedia is working on bringing Dreamweaver over...

if you can use text editors for making pages, then you can use Pepper which is available on the Mac OS X website. . . in the downloads section, i think.
Well, I can use text editors..but its much, much more difficult for me to update my site. With a wysiwyg editor, i can update sections much quicker then I could if I sat there and typed out the html code.

ok, so there is no wysiwyg editor for mac os x difficult would it be to run pagemill in classic mode? as you can see, i know very little about mac os x. is it worth upgrading to mac os x if your going to use classic daily? thanks for ur help..
The beta had a wysiwyg editor that semi-worked. It crashed alot, and the quality of the HTML it generated wasnt that great. It's not in final, and the HTML frameworks it relied on are gone. PB project builder used them too for HTML documents, the release notes for that say something like "we're opening HTML documents in the text editor until the future of the HTML technology we relied on is determined." So if you want it back, send feedback to Apple.