My Problems Are Many


I've got the following problems on my Mac G5 running OSX 10.3.2:

1. Forcequit won't work
2. Network Preferences Control Panel locks up
3. Can't access network
4. Restart (through menu) doesn't work
5. Changing users doesn't work
6. Can't open CD tray
7. 'About this Mac' won't show up

I've done the following:

Checked power
Replaced Network Cable (ethernet)
Changed ethernet socket
Booted from OSX CD, did disk utility repairs
Reinstalled OSX over prev.
Reinstalled all software
I am not running 'hacks'
The computer has never been connected to internet
Zapped PRAM (this did help me access network control panel twice, and even access the network, but it no longer seems to work)
Did the reset-nvram/reset-all thing

My guess: something to do with the battery?
or a software problem of some kind... any ideas?

If you reinstalled few times after erasing the disk and yet you still have the same issues I would guess something is wrong with your panther install disk. Did you also repair disk permissions?
And welcome to the forum.
You said you reinstalled over previous system. I would reformat the drive and install the system fresh and see if it works okay. Reinstall from your original disks, then use a Combo Update to go to 10.3.9.