my quicksilver doesn't keep time


This one has got me stumped. I'm running OS X.1 on my G4 867 Quicksilver, and just recently I noticed that its not keeping time well. And by this I mean that its loosing several minutes every day, and I have to reset it a couple times per day. I have no clue what is wrong...could it be a software problem, or is it hardware related?


I've read of this happening before

I'll do some digging tonight to be sure

but I think that resetting the power manager (CUDA button it's sometimes also called) on the motherboard might fix it...

again, I'll find out specifics and post here again, to make sure you get the right fix.


If all else fails, you can go in to the date and time preferences and tell it to sync with Apple's (or a variety of others') time server over the internet.


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I have the same problem, not only does it run slow, but it seems to catch up sometimes. I've only had this 867 for a little over a month, and it's done that since day one. I could set it to a timeserver, but was curious if there is actually a fix.