My resignation


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I'm so sorry about this guys, but I just don't have the time anymore. Between classes, work and the lady I just don't have the amount of free-time I would like in order to stay active on this site.

It's not like I really did much anyways, but this shouldn't be a big deal but more of a formality. I'll definately try to come on now and then and participate in threads but things are just too crazy right now and I don't forsee life settling down any in the near future (2 years...).

Thanks for letting me help out and trusting me enough to make me an admin. I do appreciate the gesture! I hope nothing but the best for the both of you (Scott and Ed) and this site. Thanks again!

BTW: Scott, you can cancel my email if you'd like. I appreciate that as well, but I do mainly use my .Mac email and the address was used mainly for this site.


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I want to thank you for all your hard work. It is tuff managing a board like this, I am not sure how Ed does it honestly. :) Especially with the likes of me around.

Sometimes we all need to "move on" now and then to keep our lives fresh and ever changing.

Okay, Im short on words, but its before 10am and I really am not awake yet.

Once again, Thanks Scott and we hope to see you around.


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well, this was certainly not among the news i wanted to hear upon getting up this morning. :(

Thanks for all your help. taking on the responsibility of answering the mail has been a great help. as have your other contributions.

i must admit among the privacy of the 3 of us that i doubt i will find anyone that i feel the amount of trust that i have in you. i didn't request that you be made a co-admin out of some sense of rewarding you or loyality or even not wanting to do the job by myself, but rather because i thought we would work well together and be able to create some positive things around here. thanks for living up to all my expectations!!

on the other hand, i remember when you were going to resign from moderating and then next thing you know you were more active than ever. i would like to hope that something like that occurs again, although i realize it would be unfair and unrealistic to expect it. all i can say is that if things change, or you have a change of heart, let us know. you know you're welcome here.

i guess that's all i can think of right now as i expect to still see you around the site and to thump you at fantasy baseball again. :D


Barking at the moon.
I appreciate the kind words, guys. It really has been a lot of fun and I wish I could've done more to help, but I'm just on the push to get out of school right now and I'm sure you both know better than I how busy life can get.

I'll definately try to hang around keep in touch, good luck!