My RoadRunner suddenly 1/10 normal speed


Anyone else on RoadRunner??

After years of good service suddenly (past 10 days or so) my download speed has dropped to 1/10th of prior download speed.

I am getting 10-40 KBytes/sec actual download speed on large files, where before I was getting 500-600K BYTES/sec.

On checking various internet speed checks (at all times of the day to rule out internet congestion) they show 200-500 K bits/sec with is about right fo the slow speeds I am getting with my RoadRunner currently.

I found two other usenet posts of some saying the same thing. But the mentioned RR was performing scheduled Internect Connecivity maintenance (as RR terms it on their HELP page listing Network status for RR) which seemed to account for it. their posts were week or two old & never stated if things returned to normal.

I got on RR HELP which had an online CHAT to ask RR techs questions. Guess what NOT MAC compatible. NUTS.

If this does return to normal fine, but it has been 10 days already.

Anyone else with this annoyance?
MLJ_osxcom said:
Anyone else on RoadRunner??

"I am getting 10-40 KBytes/sec actual download speed on large files, where before I was getting 500-600K BYTES/sec."

10-40 is indeed glacial. Since you've checked at various times of the day I really don't know what to tell you. Have you tried the 800-833-2253 number? I received some specific Mac help from there one time. I have just begun to get intermittent internet disconnects but have pretty much narrowed them down to my snow Airport Base Station. I'm in Maine.
Good luck/æ
Monday Aug 8 2005
My RoadRunner is back to normal!!!!

I am once again getting 4-5 Mbits/sec (about 500-600 KBYTES/sec) as before this problem arrived. I have no clue why my speed dropped for week or two to 1/10 of normal download speed. Perhaps RoadRunner maintenance but the RoadRunner HELP/Network Status gave no real clue they were up to scheduled maintenance on INTERNET CONNECTIVITY in my area.

But for two weeks I was stuck with 40-50KBYTES/sec instead of 500-600K BYTEs/sec ( 240kbits/sec instead of 4500Kbits/sec).

One certainly gets spoiled by high speed bandwidth. It is WAY TOOOOO sloooooowww with the lower speeds.

Generally been satisfied RoadRunner customer for past 3 years with few (just a few, count on one hand, perplexing intermitent glitches like this one) problems.