mySQL admin help!


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I'm an NT IIS dude, I'm loving this Mac OS X thing to death, but I'm about to pull my hair out trying to learn how to do the things that I do on the other side ;)

Well anyway, I have installed PHP4, Apache 1.3.36,mySQL 3.23.36.....

Apache and PHP I can grasp, PHP is like ASP to me just a tad different and a tad better thus far... but for the life of me I can not grasp mySQL stuff yet..

I finally found how to create a datasource/database but the function does not allow me to do it... for example....

Per the setup instructions, I created a new user in the Users control panel and typed the commands mentioned in the instrustions... but when I run the following command:

mysqladmin -up --user=mysql --password[=*****] create mydatabase

I get mysqladmin access denied error: user 'mysql@localhost' database mydatabase

So what am I missing ??

I strongly suggest the coward's way out and get the fabulous myPhpAdmin tool. With PHP installed, you can manipulate all of your databases and tables from a web browser. It's oh so nice.

Home page for myPhpAdmin: