mysql and PHP - deploying elsewhere


I've installed PHp and MySQL on my laptop (OS x 10.0.04)
no problem.

I've created databases and PHP scripts that enable me to produce a dynamic site.

My problem is, how do I now move the db I created on my laptop to an external ISP? What folder etc.. do I need to upload? or how do I make a document from the DB I have made, that re-creates the DB with the data somewhere else.

I'd love to get this done by the weekend, anyone got any ideas?

kind regards
To make a dump of the DB :
mysqldump -u root -h localhost -p[password] DB_name > backup/mysql/DB_name.sql

If your ISP have PhpMyAdmin; just take this file and paste it into the field and run it!
Upload your php files, and you are done!