MySQL permissions


I have finally managed to install MySQL and MacSQL and got them working in a way. The problem is that whatever I try to make, I got a message that I dont have permission to that file.

The database files are typically located under a directory named /usr/...

Where is that???

Does somebody out there know where i don´t have permission? Is it inside the MySQL db or is it in the MacOSX file-system? And how do I correct this problem?


Yes, i believe, you are not root user! (to configure mysql you need it anyway)
it's the administrator-user which you entered when installing OS X.

open the terminal:
> su root
password: (type in youre password)
root> mysqladmin -u username password supersecret

then you should have at first saved the root-user for accessing to you're sql databases!

the directory should be:
/var/database/mysql/ but i think, it's not capable to set a restricted user to full access/superiority for managing the sql-datas..... better is, you will make a second user (not root), that can create and acces the databases

helps that?