Mysterious iTunes autolaunch


Hi all,

So, in short, iTunes keeps launching for no reason, every 10 minutes or so. I am running 10.4.1 on an 867mhz 12" pbook, and have recently updated to iTunes 4.9. I've repaired permissions and binned the iTunes preference files, but its still happening. I don't have any devices plugged in, disks in the drive or anything like that.

I even tried looking in /etc/crontabs, but nothing there (no files in /var/cron/tabs either, anywhere else to look).

Any ideas folks?

This has happened to me since 10.3.5... it just comes and goes.

I'm basically bumping this thread so we both get a solution.
Have you tried a fresh user account and tested if it happens there? I would test that first
Check if there are any related applications or background processes loading at login. See System Preferences->Accounts->Login items. There should be an app called "iTunesHelper" there. Keep it, but try disabling anything that is able to control iTunes, like controller apps, alarm clocks etc.