Mysterious Itunes Crash (ipod & Firewire)


I've got a iMac G4, running the latest Tiger. iPod Mini with updated software.

If I plug the iPod in via USB, everything works. If I plug it in via Firewire, iTunes starts, then crashes. The console log reads:

read fail: No such file or directory SendCommand err: 33704
Jun 22 18:59:40 My-Computer crashdump[2163]: iTunes crashed
Jun 22 18:59:41 My-Computer crashdump[2163]: crash report written to: /Users/david/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/iTunes.crash.log

This is a recent problem. Didn't happen a week ago!

I don't have this problem on a Mac at work running Panther, using the same Firewire cable.

Leads me to believe it's the Firewire on my computer.

Any thoughts??
Hey man, I'm having the same problem, but in Panther :confused:
Then itunes basically crashes and wont force quit, then I restart... :mad:
Everything was fine and stable under 10.2.8, then I went to Panther and kaboom.
Maybe I'll download a new itunes, or try and update ipod's firmware, I dunno.
Good luck...