Mystery "MOSX_BOOT" disk on desktop


Frantic Messenger of Hope
Hi all,

Been having a great time with OS X - no problems to speak of in use or installation (well, none that weren't directly my fault).

However, lately whenever I boot to X, there is a mystery "MOSX_BOOT" disk image loaded up on my desktop. When I "eject" it, the 8.6 partition of my HD goes with it, ne're to return until a reboot, which just puts that annoying disk image back on my desktop.

What did I do?!?! I installed Norton Utils 4 on my 8.6 partition, and I think either the File Saver or CrashGuard extensions might have automatically done something to a file they weren't supposed to. Is there any way for me to fix this? Anyone know why it is there?

The official Apple line is that its supposed to be invisible but if its not to just ignore it. Well, i don't WANT to ignore it, I want it GONE! any help would be great!

thanks a mil

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