MystIII: Exile. They lied.


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I just got Myst III. On the myst III site, it says that the game is compatible with MacOS 8.1 and up [including OSX]. This would lead anyone to believe that the game is carbon. However, there is no carbon application on the CD...only classic. Am I missing something??
technically, a classic app is OSX compatible. you assumed they meant it was a carbonized app... which is understandable... however, nowhere on their site does it appear to say that it is a carbonized native OSX app.

The reason I say they lied, is because it will not run under OSX. You need OS9 to run it...which I do not have installed. I know what you are saying though...I just think that they should have known better.

Totally irritated.
Afraid that's going to happen a lot until OS X is (very) well established, and pre-OS X products are completely off the shelves.

Rule of thumb: if it doesn't say OS X on the box, it's not going to work natively. Software developers will very much want to make sure the big blue X is visible on the box, especially right now, when native apps are a bit scarce.

Unfortunately lots of people who see the words "OS 8 or greater" are going to get confused. In an ideal world someone would write a nice euphemism for "doesn't work on X". Then they'll will have to print out a gazillion stickers and paste them on all the pre-X software gathering dust at CompUSA.
I think the main deal with Myst III and OS X is that they plan on releasing a carbon version of it, after they have released a bug fix for the Classic version. I'm getting all of this from my memory of what said. None of this really helps me any more, since I booted into OS 9 for two days and finished it.

-Bruce Adcock
Just don't hold your breath, though. The PC version of Myst III has had an update for many, many weeks now. And they won't be releasing the OS X version until after the Quaint (Classic) version gets updated. I honestly have no idea what could be holding them up. I only ran into one bug the whole time, and that was that after a few hours the game needed be be quit and reopened.

-Bruce Adcock