named (DNS) server problem


I've been running named to serve DNS for my local LAN, but after several days of running, the named process just seems to die, without any warnings or errors. This also causes postfix to die cause it has problems with the local DNS, and then my network's outgoing mail doesn't work.

Has anyone else had problems like this?
Anyone have any possibile solutions?
Depends on how extensive the logging is.

Named can report to syslog a very large amount of debug information that may allow you to track down the problem.
I think I figured it out. named, by default, listens on all IP interfaces, including my PPP connection for my DSL. When the DSL's IP would change, named would crap out. I solved this by adding the line
listen-on {;; };
to my /etc/named.conf, under the options directive to make it listen on just loopback and local ethernet.