Nano problems!


I just got the 4gig nano and i downloaded the newest version of itunes and i put in the ipod disk and downloaded it. I cannot find anything in itunes to export all my music onto the nano. Also, I've when i downloaded the ipod CD it only downloaded a bunch of extra stuff, no programs, like something to export music onto it. When I plug it in, nothing pops up on the desktop, or in itunes or anything. Please help!
Are you on a Mac or Windows?

If Mac, you are on the right Web Site. What version of OS X are you running?
By and large, on the Mac, there is no "export" version to load the iPod, the player will "load up" when docked.

With the iPod hooked to the computer, and iTunes running, do you see the iPod icon in the left window pane?

Sorry if this is all way below you, but there is not much information from you as to the set up.
For detailed instructions,
  1. Launch iTunes
  2. On the iTunes menu bar click Help
  3. Select iPod Help
  4. Select the particular type of iPod you have
  5. Help will display a reasonably detailed set of instructions for getting your music onto you new iPod.