Napster, telnet, unix to aqua and back


I know enough about unix to move around in it (changing directories, running programs, etc). This is my problem; my LAN at work does not use a SOCKS4 firewall, so it is not compatible with Napster. I would like to leave my iMac on at home running OS X & Napster. Then, telnet into my computer from work, send commands to Napster to search & recieve MP3s, and then use FTP to copy those files from my computer at home to my computer at work. I know UNIX is designed to send & recieve command between applications, so can I grep search outputs from Napster & send commands to receive files? I know I can set up an FTP server to move the files back and forth. Any help?

napster is a carbon app, so i doubt it can be run from the command line. your best bet is probably to run something like script daemon under os9 and hope napster is scriptable enough that you can write applescripts to do whatever you need to do. or find a *nix napster cli version