Native Cocoa App's for Telephone Dialing Software for OS_X


Hi Everybody:

One of the reasons I've recently got a G4-Cube and OS_X is to reduce the "clutter" on my desktop...Mission accomplished.... :)

However--until the "floodgates" (presumably) open up, with a multitude of new applications from the Unix world ported over via "Cocoa" programming tools... Well,, I'm sort of stuck...

I frankly HATE the sluggishness of the "classic OS 9" environment, which brings my Cube to a screeching halt...

I really miss a very traditional database application called "AddressBook" which was bare-bones SIMPLE to use, and had the capability of "speed-dialing" all my phone-numbers, through the modem port, out to a standard phone line...

So,, does anybody know if anything like this is going to be immediately available for OSX, prefably written from the ground-up in Cocoa?? (or at least, perhaps, in Carbon?)

I've recently got a PalmPilot, but AFAIK, the Palm "desktop" program is not available (yet???) for OS_X.. that would also suffice, for the meanwhile, although it was not nearly as "elegant" a simple one-trick-pony as "AddressBook"

Also, a telephone ANSWERING software package (with digital messages in and out, and all that sort of stuff) would be REALLY a cool application...

Since, under OS_X presumably we can leave our machines running "forever" and they (again presumably) wll be able to "sleep and wake up" to answer the incoming phone-call..

Well.. that's the dream.... Anybody heard of a solution to this? Let's talk about it! Thanks...!!! :)

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