Native Instruments


Hi, I had a problem with my G5 about a week ago where by i was dragging pictures in iPhotos out to another drive. The mac crashed and gave me the dreaded grey screen asking me to restart.

Restarted without much problem but i knoew something was wrong so i tried first Disk First Aid and than Diskwarrior (3.0.3). Couldn't really fix it so after some research, I bought Drive Genius which worked well, i than opimised each drive, no problem, local mac consultants recommended that i archive and install to be sure so i did. had some issues with Native Instruments but sorted that out by resigning an install than register the new setup again.

The question are:

1. why did i have a problem dragging photos from iPhotos to another drive ?

2. what is the best utilities available ? is there any point in using Disk First Aid ?

3. how do i get my sequencer (DP4.6) to re load the AUs or the Native Instruments that I have in my machine, they were fine before i reinstall the OS.

Best Regards,