need a html editor like windows notepad...


Where's your head at?
i'm on the verge of becoming a full-time apple user, so i'm gonna have alot of questions :eek:

my first question is, is their a FREE small notepad-like program that i can use to edit html? bbedit i heard is great, but its shareware... (and i cant seem to find any mac warez ;))

mac's textedit is annoying me. whenever i try to save files as .html/.txt... it always ends up being .html.rtf... i removed the rtf extension but it opens up in explorer as text............................

any ideas?
BBEdit Lite is free, or you could use the Carbonized SimpleText from the Dev Tools. Or you could even use Project Builder itself.
Don't give up on TextEdit.. All you have to do is...

Create the file.. From the Format menu choose "Make Plain Text"

Now when you save the file, add the .HTM/.HTML extension and save it. It'll ask you if you want to append .TXT to it.. Say NO. There ya go!

If you Don't hit the Make plain menu item it'll save the RTF commands in the file which will make the HTML file look like dog poop.
Open up your terminal and run pico. It's a great little editor with a healthy supply of features, and it's much easier to use than things like vi. Plus, once you fall in love with it, you can use it from remote telnet sessions, too.
I like TextEdit - but if you want a Unix terminal window text editor - you can never go wrong with Emacs.

Pico is for Windoze *nix user.
Emacs is nice, but it's feature set is a bit overkill for simple text editing. It's a little like riding in a 747 to cross the street.

And I fail to grasp the analogy of pico to Windows...
If your going to be doing serious coding, BBedit is the ONLY solution in my book. The lite version will work fine too, just has some handy features missing.
Hey guys....
Back from europe (although I was still using drachmas.... euros go into effect in Jan 2002).

My 2 cents (Value USD):
I use pagespinner (along with stylespinner). It is shareware but well worth the $$$ ( ££££, DM. FF , ÛÛÛÛ or what ever). I like coding as much as the guy in the next cubicle maybe a little more but I get bored with redundancies. Pagespinner offers a wizard style assistant to enter basic tags that you want and then if you wish you can customize the hell out of those tags if you wish.

It also color codes so it makes things easier to look at.


PS: Nice latin pick--> Candela by Noelia
Omniweb has a nice built in html editor, There is also creativepage but i don't like it too much. Thats all i guess.
My very first web pages were built in pico (back when flashing text was the hottest thing around).

But since I installed OSX, I have been using Omniwebs built in editor. It is a very simple editor, but has some powerful features...

1) Reformat - reformats the page based on your tables, and paragraphs. A nice feature when you want to reorganize. Best thing is that you don't have to use it. It is a button at the top.

2) Compact - Opposite of reformat. Takes out all of the white space to make it as difficult to read as possible. =)

3) Code Highlighting: Text displays as...
Plain Display Text: Black
HTML Code: Dark Red
HTML Options (like 'content=' ): Blue
HTML Strings (like '': Dark Purple
Comments: Green

And my personal favorite:

4) Broken Code Highlighting - If you have say TABLE, but no closing TABLE code, OmniWeb puts a solid green box around the text warning you that this is not being closed, or if you have too many /FONT, it warns you too.