Need a VGA adapter... to run an Xbox on a Powerbook screen.


Is this possible?

My friend has a similar set up on his PC, but I need a USB version, which exists for PC, but not so sure about Mac.

Basically, it plugs into the USB port, has three composite ports (red, white, yellow), in which you plug the XBox into, like you would do with a TV. Then you use the software to run the Xbox on the Powerbook screen.

Anyone know of such a product?


Scratch & Sniff Committee
Don't bother trying to do this. There are lots of devices that will take an analog video signal and convert it to digital so that you can manipulate it on your Mac. I can probably name ten of them without having to look far. They are very useful for getting things from videotape. However, they are dead useless for actually playing games.

The analog-to-digital conversion give the video signal a delay of anywhere from 1 to 4 seconds. If you could imagine trying to play a game where each button press only takes effect a few seconds later, you can imagine how useless it is to try and use an analog-DV bridge to play games.


1 to 4 seconds? Dang, I've never had a delay like that. Usually when capturing video from a DV cam to Final Cut, with the audio turned up on the camera, I can notice a minor delay that is fractions of a second, but nowhere near a whole second.

An analog to FireWire bridge would be most appropriate, but, expensive, and, worse, would cause delay. It's a risk as to how much delay you will get, and if it will affect your gameplay... and... since you're not playing Tetris on your XBox... yeah, it'll probably be a problem.