Need Automator Script for Acrobat


I am using Acrobat XI (for Mac) version 11.0.1
I have PDF forms that are created in another application, that I need to individually and/or by batch convert them into fillable PDF’s.

My sequence that I need to automate is this…
1. Open PDF file in Acrobat or a number of PDF files in acrobat
2. Choose Edit PDF form (Add or Edit Form Fields) Icon added to the top of the window.
3. Choose yes when the dialogue box asks if I want Acrobat to detect the form fields.
4. After Acrobat does that process I click “Close Form Editing”.
5. I then select the function (icon along the top as well) that let’s me “Save as Reader Extended PDF” and scroll down to the option “Enable More Tools (Includes Form Fill In and Save)”.
6. Big dialogue box appears telling me what I am allowing by doing this. I select the “save now” button.
7. Acrobat prompts me to save the new file in the folder that the original file was in.
8. Select “Save” and “replace”
9. Done