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I need some info...

We have a chance to get work from a print management company who use Filemaker Pro 5 for their complete business process. They now want to put this online and serve this in-house. This where we come in.

Our (pc IT) guy doesn't think he can connect the web-database server to the Mac Filemaker Pro Server that they have.

Can anyone inform us otherwise (can Mac OSX be used)?

(He's saying that there is no ODBC drivers available.:confused:
I'd talk to filemaker about this, also might want to talk to the Lasso people, i believe lasso is a FMPro package made to interface with web forms etc. You might also want to talk to Apple about the ODBC/OSX question, there is support in the MacOS but i'm not sure at what level, would be best to get this sort of consult from the horse's mouth.