Need Help configuring MacOS X 10.3.8 Server PDC


Hi, Where is a good guide to setting up a PDC server on MacOS X 10.3.* server?
The macos server is already set up and running as a fileserver, with users already set up. I have found the Windows NT to MacOS X guide, that tells me how to do it using the server assistant, but I'm never confident about assistants, as they could change something I had previously set, and want to keep. Is there any guide telling me how to do it without the assistant?

Thanks in advance,

Hi, I used the setup example in the 10.3 getting started manual to get the odd settings I needed to set up the PDC and it worked a treat.

I did add a folder in each of the users home dir called Windows and pointed the profile to it in WGM, then the normal home folder for home folder, mapped drive X and finally wrote a batch file called std.bat to auto map the group share and placed that in "etc/netlogon" (net use \\server\ /persistent:yes)

If you use that method (which may or may not be haphazard but it worked for me) you will need to chown the Windows folder to the user.

I have 200+ users so I wrote a shell script to do the job for me.

for i in /volumes/student_data/group_data/*
u=`echo $i | cut -d/ -f5`
echo "Making Windows Directory for "$u
mkdir /volumes/student_data/group_data/$u/Windows
chown $u /volumes/student_data/group_data/$u/Windows
chmod 750 /volumes/student_data/group_data/$u/Windows

hope that amongst that lot you will find something usefull :p