need help networking OS X 10.1 and win2000


I have never setup a network before... need help... :)

if someone could give me a step by step how to on both machine would be great.

I will be using a linksys hub/router connected to cable

I would like to be able to share files between the seldom used win2000 and my G4 runnning OS X 10.1

thanks in advance

Well let me just get you started by what I can think of off the top of my head.

1- plug the computers into the hub, duh.
2- turn file sharing on in the System Preferences of the Mac.
3- okay, you might be done. I can't recollect if there is a setting to turn on in Win2000 or if it is already on. You should be able to see the Mac in you Network Neighborhood, or whatever they call it in Windows 2000.
4- oh, did you restart the computers?
5- from the mac you will have to know the IP address to find the PC, I think. Use the go menu from the Finder. Or maybe you will get luck and it will be in the local network area.

6- I'll get back to you later today after I set up my roommate's Windows 98 machine with mine. Should be similar.